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When your family is in a crisis, we make our families available. We’re here to make sure you’re not alone when you know you can’t do it by yourself.

Safe Families for Children is a movement fueled by compassion and faith to keep children safe and families together. Through Host Families, Family Friends, and Family Coaches, we temporarily host children and provide a network of support while you get back on your feet. We consider it an honor to surround you with a community of families who believe in you. We’re here when you need us most.

Coronavirus Update

Children in our community are at risk due to increased stress and increased social isolation in this present time. Safe Families will continue to provide family supports at this time, while limiting gatherings and person-to-person contact as much as possible.

1) Our intake/helpline remains open for families – you can text, ask questions, talk, get prayer, or ask for help from 8:30-5:00 pm, M-F. The number is 414-345-8715, ext. 0. You can also request help using this link.

2) We will consider Hosting Requests on a Case-by-Case Basis. During the Shelter in Place order, we will be hesitant to begin a hosting, nonetheless, we are open to hearing each request. Please understand that finding an available Host Family is not guaranteed. Fill out a Host Family Request Form or call (414) 345-8715.

3) Family Friendships Become Virtual. Family Friends are screened and trained volunteers who can provide a parent with a listening ear and support.  Until restrictions are lifted, all Family Friends will begin within a virtual/ online context. Fill out a Family Friend Request Form or call (414) 345-8715.

4) We’ve Started a Chat Line: Our Supportive Chat Line is a place for parents to call in, have a listening ear & get immediate support. When they are feeling alone, isolated, overwhelmed or just would like to talk to someone the Supportive Chat line is there. We have created the support line during Covid19 to ensure our parents know that they are not alone when it seems that no one is there. It is also a great place for parents to get prayer if they’d like. Just call (414) 345-8715 ext. 1 (M-F 8:30 am-5 pm).

5) Motivational Mondays for Moms: This is a support zoom call for any mom, whether a volunteer or family in our community.  It will be at 12 noon every week on Monday. Email to get the link. Hopefully this time will include lots of laughter too. There will be a short devotion and prayer, “Tip of the Day” and time to share ideas of how to not lose your mind with your kids right now.

6) Refer a Family. Do you know a family who could use the support of Safe Families for Children? We are eager to help. Fill out the referral form here. 

Unsure?  Call us at (414) 345-8715 Monday-Friday 8:30 am-5 pm.

Watch Video Testimonies of Milwaukee Area Parents who have become a part of our Extended Family:

Nofiyah’s Story: “If I didn’t have Safe Families, I wouldn’t have had the support I needed to better my life.”

Amanda’s Story: “She Treats Me like One of Her Daughters.”

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