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“How will my kids be affected by becoming a host family?”

“How will my kids be affected by becoming a host family?”

This is a valid question that many people ask. We deeply value the children in host families, and we think that hosting becomes a positive part of their childhood.

Don’t just take our word for it though. Hear the story of the Cutts family from Brookfield Lutheran Church. Kevin and Joy have three children, Caroline (6), Josephine (5), and Theodore (2). Last year, they opened their home and hearts to host Anthony, an 18 month old.

The Cutts girls loved helping Anthony learn new things and participate in their family adventures. Anthony was just a little bit older than their youngest, Theodore, which may induce anxiety in some parents. Yet, Joy said, “There was an instant connection between Anthony and Theodore.  When we brought Anthony home for the first time, he and Theo spent about half an hour laughing with each other and jumping onto bean bag chairs together.”

“We were surprised at how well Anthony adjusted to a new home, family, and routine. He seemed to be very comfortable going to the same daycare our kids attended and excited to go to school everyday. He seemed sad being away from his mom but was able to jump right in, play with our kids, and make our home his home.”

Their advice to families thinking of hosting is: “It may be difficult to open your home to someone you don’t know. It will be tough at times getting to know a new child and how you can love them best. When you see the child laugh, be happy, and enjoy life, you will forget any of the reasons you may have had to not volunteer.”

“Through all of our hostings we continue to gain an understanding of some of the struggles that other parents have. There are times when all parents need support from others; we are glad to be able to help the parents/families that we have hosted.”

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