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10 Reasons Why You Would Love Being a Family Coach

Five of our coaches reveal why family coaching is the hidden, secret volunteer role that everyone should be applying for.


By: Laura Leigh


  1. I love that sense of hope a placing Mom expresses the moment she realizes Safe Families really is there to help.  Not to judge, not to shame, but to help her get through and keep her kids safe while she is working things out. The moment she feels like she can take a breath.
  2. I love when I can see in a host families’ eyes the penny drop that the placing Mom’s struggle is so much more difficult than they can imagine.  The struggle to get through each day, find a safe place for her family, food, a job, the struggle to decide to have her kids stay with a Safe Families host family.


  1. I love coaching because it’s about building relationships. As the placing families and the host families begin to connect with one another, I see bonds of trust and love develop. As a family coach, I am privileged to encourage and help develop these relationships.
  2. As a family coach I’ve become more aware of the needs of people in my community. Coaching challenges me to unconditionally love people.   


  1. What I have enjoyed about being a coach with Safe Families is the opportunity to meet so many families in the Body of Christ stepping out and “being the church” in such a tangible way by caring for children that are not their own. I admire them and appreciate serving with them, and I’ve made new friends in the process!
  2. I also enjoy walking alongside the moms of these children.  I admire them as well for reaching out for help. I see my role as encouraging them to be the best moms they can be. They all are seeking to get their lives more situated, aiming to care for their children with less stress.  


  1. Coaching is a really exciting way to get involved with both placing parents and host families (and/or family friends)!  
  2. As an impartial third party, it’s truly amazing to be able to see (and possibly help others to see) how God is working in everyone’s life.


  1. I love meeting new families and being able to provide support and encouragement to both the host family and the parent. 
  2. Watching/ monitoring the kids and how the host families love on them is awesome too!

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