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Two Moms Share their Safe Families Stories

Megan’s Story
Megan connected with the Minton family when she needed help with her two boys earlier this year.

She says, “Safe families is literally just that: safe families. These people are here to help you through your struggles. They don’t make you jump through hoops to get your kids back. The staff does what they can to help you get back on your feet so your kids can come home, and…the host families they choose are wonderful.”

“Meeting Heather through this program was one of the best things for me. She is the sweetest lady and continues to be here for me. The boys get so excited whenever they find out that they get to see Heather. She and her family were really nice and even got my kids completely potty trained for me.”

“Everyone from Safe Families was awesome. Jodi, my case worker, was wonderful. I was in jail, and she came and visited me once to update me on how the boys were doing. After I came home, she would call me at least once a week to see how I was doing. She once took me to Starbucks to help me apply for jobs.”

“This is a wonderful program. I am so thankful for Safe Families and what they do. For moms like me who struggle and have a hard time, it’s nice to have a program that is here to just help. If I hadn’t found this program I couldn’t tell you where my children or I would be right now.”

Evangelina’s Story

This summer, Evangelina found herself in a tough spot. She had just gotten a summer job to cover her rent at Hope Street Ministries, but who would provide childcare for her three children while she worked?

Hope Street connected her with Safe Families through which she was introduced to a host family.

“I’m happy that there is a program out there like this.” she shares. “The staff were great at answering my questions and explaining the process to me.”

She found her trust being built up as she interacted with them. The hosting was a great experience for both her and her kids, Jayseon and Anthony,

and she especially appreciated being able to have close contact with her little ones while they were being hosted.

“My son loved getting to play with their dogs, and still talks about that a lot.”

Now that she has reached a more stable place for her and her kids, they enjoy being able to have an ongoing relationship with their host family, staying in touch by sending pictures and updates.

“It is a very good and helpful program.” she says, grateful for their help when it was most needed.

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